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​SL Roberts Investments is a financially strong specialty real estate investment company with a ​strategic vision to assisting investor in long term capital appreciation through real estate holdings.

  • What does SL Roberts Investments offer?
    • We offer customers asset holdings secured by one of the greatest wealth building tools in the market place-Real Estate. 


  • Why Real Estate?
    • Safety. Real Estate is a safe financial investment compared to the risk of the stock market because investors retain a "physical or tangible asset", a "real property" not just a "note or junk paper" after the market crashes.
    • Real Estate can be depreciation for taxes as an investment while the investment is appreciating or capitalizing over years of investment 
    • Real Estate has made more people millionaires than any other investment tool in the market place.


  • How can I get information or become an investor?
    • Click on the Contact Us tab now and our knowledgeable staff of investors will contact you and discuss investments options. Thank you for your interest and we appreciate you interest in SL Roberts Investments. 


Home Ownership Royalty Basics: 

•Home Ownership – Real Property invested in Real Estate

•Future Property/Home Ownership Will Increase Cash Flow-Monthly Cash Flow Payments 

•SL Roberts Investments manages all your Research, Operations and Servicing Expenses – Minimum Cost To You!

•Housing Assets Can Reduce Your Overall Portfolio Volatility

•Reliable Monthly Cash Flow


1031 Property Exchanges: 

•Tax Savings: Federal and State taxes combined can be as high as 28% of the gain on an investment property.

•Leverage: Every dollar you save in taxes allows you to increase your investment portfolio through acquisition of real estate worth many times your initial purchase. 

•Income: Increase your cash flow by exchanging out of low producing fixed rate low income bonds and into an income-producing real estate royalty.

•Consolidation: Exchange from several management-intensive properties into a  larger cash flowing royalty with NO on/off-site management.


Royalty Performance: 

•Potential 10% annually Cash Flow Paid Monthly

•Long Reserve Life: Usually 5-30 Years

•No Environmental Liability to Royalty Owners

•15% Tax Depletion Allowance

•Multiple Selling Options For Future Divesture (Clearing Houses)

•1031 Exchange (in/out)

•Charity – Ideal for Charity Giving

•Donate- Current Income or Bequest

•Will to Heirs: Generational Wealth Flow